What Does It Mean To Be “Well”? The Science Behind the Buzzword

Just like anything else, the mental health world is susceptible to buzzwords. Lately, the term “wellness” has been tossed around everywhere, but what does that word even mean? In the last episode of this season, Bey and Kirsten do what they do best, and turn to science for some answers!

First, the two sit down with cross-cultural wellness researcher Dr. June Kim for some definitions. Then, Dr. Glenn Fox joins to share his work, scientifically measuring the affect practicing gratitude can have on our mental health. And to close out the season, Bey and Kirsten chat with Malaika Gilpin, co-founder and director of the One Art Community Center in West Philly, to learn some of the practical ways they help promote wellness in the local community.

Links for Today’s Episode:

  • Lean more about Dr. June Kim‘s work at TCNJ
  • Lean more about Dr. Glenn Fox‘s gratitude research, and his current focus applying that to entrepreneurship
  • Learn more about Malaika Gilpin and One Art’s mission in West Philly

Resources for Today’s Episode:

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